About Us

After a hiatus of 18 years, Australia’s Vicious Kitten Records has been relaunched. The first release is a 7” single by NYC punk legend Kevin K – who has teamed up with Ricky Rat (Trash Brats / Dead Boys) on a hard hitting Ramones-like anthem called ‘Identity Crisis’. The first 100 singles comes with a bonus Kevin K sticker.

Vicious Kitten Records originally formed in 1999 and grew out of the popular Vicious Kitten Fanzine. The label developed a reputation for releasing artists directly related to, or inspired by Johnny Thunders and dissolved in 2003. Vicious Kitten released recordings by Australian and international artists including Kevin K, Freddy Lynxx, Nikki Sudden, Rick Blaze & The Ballbusters, Sheek The Shayk (ex-Psychotic Turnbuckles) and The Golden Arms (Japan). In 2000, Vicious Kitten Records released a compilation album titled ‘Rock n Roll War’ which featured artists including The Dictators, Sylvain Sylvain (New York Dolls), Deniz Tek (Radio Birdman), Jeff Dahl, Peter Wells (Rose Tattoo) and The Hitmen. A second volume of ‘Rock n Roll War’ was released in 2002 on Vicious Kitten USA, a subsidiary label operating out of Boston, USA. ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll War’ Volume 2 featured ex-Dead Boy Cheetah Chrome, Walter Lure of The Heartbreakers, Dave Kusworth (ex Jacobites), The Streetwalkin Cheetahs, Michael Thimren (ex- Johnny Thunders) and The Bullys to name a few. The final release on the label was Kevin K’s ‘Sealed Works’, a joint release with Sydney’s Laughing Outlaw Records. The label was liquidated in 2003.


SHEEK THE SHAYK – I Want Her So Bad EP (VKR001)

Prepare your sonic senses for Sheek The Shayk rock n’ roll! All three tunes on this disc rock – and when we say rock – we mean in The Sonics, MC5, and Stooges mould. Dig the hybrid mix of tough 60’s garage punk, the stomping surf vibe, and the lo-fi fuzzed out sonic fury. Features ex-members of Sydney’s notorious Psychotic Turnbuckles. Released 1999.




Freddy Lynxx is a gifted Parisian rock ‘n’ roller in the Johnny Thunders mould with ‘Have Faith’ being his first foray into the Australian market. Three ballsy guitar rock tunes including the anthemic title track ‘Have Faith’, and the melodically rich ‘Opium Den’ (featuring Nikki Sudden). Lynxx’s signature tough riffing, tearing lead guitar, street wise lyrics and gutsy vocals make him a standout in the rock world! Released 1999.



KEVIN K BAND – Midnight Dragon 7″ (VKR003)

Top heavy with muscled up guitar rock ‘n’ roll, including the powerhouse rocker ‘Midnight Dragon’, another classic from this talented rocker who hails from the streets of NYC. Also included is a new version of the Road Vultures anthem ‘Fire It Up’, giving new life to a song up there with any New York Dolls classic. If you dig uncompromising rock ‘n’ roll action, you will want this! Released 1999.



NIKKI SUDDEN – Red Brocade CD (VKR004)

An album to be experienced, not just listened to. Nikki Sudden is a gifted balladeer, a song writer, a rock ‘n’ roller – and ‘Red Brocade’ is his finest work to date. Allow yourself to be swept along by the story, and indulge yourself in its enriching charms. Classic melodies flow from one song to the next with songs which defy classification. Recorded with various members of the Chamber Strings and other assorted Chicago luminaries. Features Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy on guest vocals too. Superb. Released 1999.



Packed full of his trademark Stones/Johnny Thunders influenced rock ‘n’ roll sound, Worcester’s finest hit out with a bitchin’ album of down & dirty blues ridden trash rock. Features Jeff Dahl on guest lead guitar and bonus live tracks. Killer. Released 1999.



KEVIN K – Magic Touch CD (VKR006)

An album of raw edged power, passion and melody. Tough as nails rock ‘n’ roll filled with hooks, attitude and Big Apple grime. The sound is brash, immediate, vital and sweetly infectious. Kevin K rock ‘n’ roll is hard to beat, and if you ain’t discovered this cat already, here’s your chance. Released 2000.



THE GOLDEN ARMS – Oriental Junk Sick EP (VKR007)

Tokyo’s kings of ‘trashin punk cut loose with their new EP on Vicious Kitten. Led by Hiroshi Nakagome, (the man known as the Japanese Johnny Thunders), The Golden Arms carve their way through three powerhouse originals as well as a scorching version of The Ventures classic ‘Diamond Head’. Features NYC rock heavy weights Kevin K and Mr. Ratboy (Sour Jazz, Marky Ramones Intruders, Motorcycle Boy) on guest guitar. Tokyo shakedown – Seriously bitchin’ rock n roll action! Released 2000.


VARIOUS ARTISTS – Rock ‘n’ Roll War CD (VKR008)

“Perhaps the finest compilation to never come out of 1977″……San Francisco Bay Guardian. “This collection represents the true & pure underground, the real deal from the cool school”….Beat Magazine, Melbourne.

That’s what the press said about ‘ROCK ‘N’ ROLL WAR’, the first Vicious Kitten compilation. Features tracks from The Dictators, ex New York Doll Sylvain Sylvain, Hitmen D.T.K (previously unreleased song), Deniz Tek, Chris Masuak (ex-Radio Birdman), plus exclusive Jeff Dahl, Trash Brats, Texas Terri, Kevin K Band, B-Movie Rats and the best guitar action from Australia and the rest of the world ! 24 killer cuts in all! Super limited to 1000 copies only. Don’t miss it. Released 2000.

THE BALLBUSTERS – People’s Republic of Rock ‘n’ Roll CD (VKR009)

Worcester’s finest are back with a new album of killer raunch ‘n’ roll classics. This is how the Stones used to make ’em! Every song classic and memorable with hooks aplenty. Johnny Thunders & the Heartbreakers, Stones, and Faces fans – take note! Includes a killer cover of Walter Lure’s ‘Sorry’. Put simply – a classic rock ‘n’ roll album. Brothers and sisters – the time is now to join the ‘People’s Republic Republic Of Rock ‘n’ Roll! 


Kevin K – 13th Street (VKR010)

13th Street – the new album from NYC guitar slinger Kevin K. Melodic and catchy street punk, for fans of Johnny Thunders and the Dead Boys. LAMF for a whole new blank generation. Kevin K has delivered his best album yet. Find out why Kevin K is the best kept secret in rock ‘n’ roll. The spirit of ’77 lives on.  Recorded in Germany and featuring Chris and Andi from Germany’s #1 glam punk outfit Hollywood Teasze. Includes a killer cover of Johnny Thunders ‘Too Much Junkie Business’. Very hip. 


VARIOUS ARTISTS – Rock ‘n’ Roll War Vol 2 CD (VKRUSA1)

The first and only release on our US affiliate label Vicious Kitten USA. Features Loose (from Italy), Walter Lure, Dave Kusworth, Nikki Sudden, Valentines (from Italy), Lucy Knight and Echodrive, Detox Darlings, Freddy Lynxx, Kevin K, Jeff Crane, Rick Blaze with Johnny Thunders, Golden Arms, Streetwalking Cheetahs, Cheetah Chrome, former Johnny Thunders guitar player Michael Thimren plus more.



KEVIN K BAND – Sealed Works

A joint release with Sydney’s Laughing Outlaw Records, Sealed Works contains 10 songs of hard hitting melodic pop punk / infectious power pop. Includes the single ‘Melody’ and a choice cover of The Replacements ‘Waitress In The Sky’.