Hiroshi The Golden Arm and Mr Ratboy             Photos: Matthias Frey

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On their debut album We Got A Right, Tokyo duo The Golden Rat (featuring Mr Ratboy and Hiroshi the Golden Arm) have released a dazzling collection of songs - interpretations of tracks which inspired both musicians throughout their adolescence. This is real rock n roll which left a lasting impact and together, they’ve dug deep into those influences to deliver an album that some are already labelling a masterpiece.

Known as the ‘Japanese Johnny Thunders’ Hiroshi The Golden Arm honed his slashing-guitar style in the 1980’s before forming Tokyo trash kings The Remains (who morphed into The Golden Arms and in 1998 issued their pièce de resistance… ‘Gimme Some Lips’). In a career touching four decades, the multi-talented Mr Ratboy has plugged in and played with some of rock n roll’s elite: Sour Jazz, Motorcycle Boy, Pillbox, Bebe Buell, Jeff Dahl, Marky Ramone & The Intruders, Kevin K and Freddy Lynxx to name a few.

On this album, The Golden Rat stamp their sound all over tracks by Brian James, The Heartbreakers, Lords of The New Church, Lou Reed, The Stranglers, Patti Smith Group, The Little Roosters, Mitch Ryder, The Rolling Stones, Magazine, The Ramones, Modern Lovers, The Saints, Ramones, Radio Birdman and The Only Ones. What originally started as a way to deal with the covid lockdown of 2020, quickly morphed into something more and these two seasoned musicians realised that the demos they were recording, were in fact, from-the-heart renditions of songs that came from deep within – and has resulted in their ultimate rock n roll memoir – ‘We Got A Right’ Limited copies available ! Australia: order here | Rest of World: order here

The Golden Rat: We Got A Right (VKR014

From a soulfully sung ‘Dancing Barefoot’ to a snarky ‘Some Girls’, their exemplary version of Bowie's ‘Pinups’ is certain to become a closely guarded favorite of real rock’n’roll aficionados from here to Elvis Presley Boulevard. In the words of Lux Interior, ‘they got good taste.’
- Dimitri Monroe

Photo: Judy Ridenour

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Kevin K

For a touring musician with established markets in Europe, Kevin K., rock's most unheralded (and criminally ignored) singer/songwriter did what he always does when faced with adversity. Armed with a bundle of cigars, a never-ending glass of whisky and his trusty Les Paul T.V. guitar, he hunkered down in the studio and began to write and record. The songs poured out of him.
Two years later - a rejuvenated KEVIN K has returned with CADALLAC MAN, a gargantuan 20-song album that is littered with potential radio hits, songs of epic proportion and much more. Musically, there is no better exponent of catchy power pop than KEVIN K, and many of the songs on CADALLAC MAN are heavy on the melody, with sweet melodies, killer guitar riffs and sing along chorus'. Yet much of the material also has a gritty edge with a sound evocative of the glory days of NYC punk. This is KEVIN K's pedigree, its in his blood. However, it's the Stones' influence that sets CADALLAC MAN apart from any of KEVIN K's previous albums.In many ways, CADALLAC MAN is for KEVIN K what 'Exile on Main St' was for the Stones or what the 'White Album' was for the Beatles. CADALLAC MAN is a double album in every sense, it has tons of material and it ranges across a number of different styles. Unlike the Stones or Beatles, as well as having written all the songs, KEVIN K plays every instrument on every song. Take a listen to the track 'No Respect' via the media player and you'll be hooked - guaranteed.
This is solo album number 33 for KEVIN K and with its consistently strong material, CADALLAC MAN makes a strong claim as KEVIN K's magnum opus. That's a statement not made lightly considering KEVIN K has been making records since 1978. Limited copies available ! Australia: order here | Rest of World: order here

Kevin K: Cadallac Man (VKR013)

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Late 70s punk bands Aunt Helen and the Toys compiled on the CD 'Hey Aunt Helen!' Featuring Kevin and Alan K, craftsmen of time-honored power punk. Seventies Western NY punk bands-Aunt Helen and the Toys, compiled on the CD 'Hey Aunt Helen!' Aunt Helen, the first Buffalo punk band in to release a single, later morphed into the Toys, opening for national acts and moving to NYC. The Lone Cowboys ensued (two rare tracks here), eventually leading to the Road Vultures and Kevin K Band. Hear the origins of the legend on 'Hey Aunt Helen!' Take a listen to the track 'Rebecca' via the media player and ride the first wave of US punk. Very limited copies available ! Australia: order here | Rest of World: order here

Aunt Helen: Hey Aunt Helen ! (VKR012)

Kevin k & ricky rat

After a hiatus of 18 years, this was the first release back after relaunching the label. This killer 7″ single is by NYC punk legend Kevin K – who has teamed up with Ricky Rat (Trash Brats / Dead Boys) on a hard hitting Ramones-like anthem called ‘Identity Crisis’.
 Taken from their superb 2020 album on Circumstantial Records, Party Store. The first 100 singles come with a bonus Kevin K sticker. Very few copies remaining so get in quick! Release date 18 MAY 2021 - Australia: order here | Rest of World: order here

Kevin K & Ricky Rat: Identity Crisis (VKR011)


If you had to ask: Kevin K is an indefatigable product of the halcyon New York underground rock and roll scene and one of a handful of the CBGB crew still standing and delivering. Ricky Rat co-founded Detroit’s Trash Brats, larger-than-life dealers of flash glam, and more recently a member of the Cheetah Chrome and Johnny Blitz-led, reconstituted Dead Boys.  The pair spawned an album, “Party Store”, in 2020 and this single features two of its songs.  You shouldn’t be surprised that it rocks or that it’s on Vicious Kitten, the Aussie label that grew from the zine of the same name that variously championed Kevin K, his previous band the Road Vultures and the Trash Brats. The zine lives on in The Australian Rock Show podcast, by the way, and the record imprint has been revived after a 15-year hiatus to issue this seven-inch.  
Kevin K has never hidden his influences and he wrote both songs. With its Thunderesque vocal drawl and chugging riffs, “Identity Crisis” is indeed a classic Kevin K tune. Kevin and Ricky’s dirty guitars keep it street level and fatten the sound.  There’s a “Rockin’ All Over The World” hint to the chords of “Song For Lulu” and more fretboard bump and grind as the guitarists play off each other. Mr K again takes the vocal on a song that’s glam without the gated drums and reverb production of the feted English bands. It’s what glam would sound like if they’d invented it in a Cass Corridor dive bar. It's driven by an engine room that’s effective but not flashy.  If you're a fan you need it and if you're not, and you're into any of the above, then you probably do, too. Go here to order. That album by the duo passed me by so I'm off to correct that little oversight.
- The Barman, i94bar.com

Crank the volume and hear Freddy Lynxx & Rick Blaze burning through the Ballbusters classic 'Rockin' In New York City'

rock n roll war vol 2 - various

The first and only release issued via the American branch of Vicious Kitten based outta Boston. Long out of print. Release date 2002

Various Artists: Rock n Roll War Vol 2 (VKUSA001)


Andi Hill, Kevin K, Chris Lakriz

Kevin K - 13th street

Original press release : 13th Street – the new album from NYC guitar slinger Kevin K. Melodic and catchy street punk, for fans of Johnny Thunders and the Dead Boys. LAMF for a whole new blank generation. Kevin K has delivered his best album yet. Find out why Kevin K is the best kept secret in rock 'n' roll. The spirit of '77 lives on. Recorded in Germany and featuring Chris and Andi from Germany’s #1 glam punk outfit Hollywood Teasze. Includes a killer cover of Johnny Thunders 'Too Much Junkie Business'. Very hip. Release date 2001


Kevin K: 13th Street (VKR010)

Dave Cuneo, Jeff Crane, Rick Blaze, Cathy Peters, Jimmy Buscarino

The Ballbusters - People's Republic Of Rock And Roll

Original press release : Worcester's finest are back with a new album of killer raunch 'n' roll classics. This is how the Stones used to make 'em ! Every song classic and memorable with hooks aplenty. Johnny Thunders & the Heartbreakers, Stones, and Faces fans - take note ! Includes a killer cover of Walter Lure's 'Sorry'. Put simply - a classic rock 'n' roll album. Brothers and sisters - the time is now to join the 'People's Republic Republic Of Rock 'n' Roll ! Release date 2001

The Ballbusters: People's Republic Of Rock And Roll (VKR009)

rock n roll war - various

"This collection represents the true & pure underground,  the real deal from the cool school" - Beat Magazine, Melbourne....That's what the press are saying about 'ROCK 'N' ROLL WAR', the first Vicious Kitten compilation. Features tracks from The Dictators, ex New York Doll Sylvain Sylvain, Hitmen D.T.K (previously unreleased song), Deniz Tek, Chris Masuak (ex Radio Birdman), plus exclusive Jeff Dahl, Trash Brats, Texas Terri, Kevin K Band, B-Movie Rats and the best  guitar action from Australia and the rest of the world ! 24 killer cuts in all ! Super limited to 1000 copies only. Release date 2000

Various Artists: Rock n Roll War (VKR008)

Perhaps the finest compilation to never come out of 1977

- San Francisco Bay Guardian

The Golden Arms - Oriental Junk sick

Original press release: Tokyo's kings of 'trashin punk cut loose with their new EP on Vicious Kitten. Led by Hiroshi Nakagome, (the man known as the Japanese Johnny Thunders), The Golden Arms carve their way through three powerhouse originals as well as a scorching version of The Ventures classic 'Diamond Head'. Features NYC rock heavy weights Kevin K and Mr. Ratboy (Sour Jazz, ex-Marky Ramones Intruders, Motorcycle Boy) on guest guitar. Tokyo shakedown - Seriously bitchin' rock n roll action ! Release date 2000

The Golden Arms - Oriental Junk Sick (VKR007)

Photo: Ted Sterns

Kevin K - Magic touch

Original press release: An album of raw edged power, passion and melody. Tough as nails rock 'n' roll filled with hooks, attitude and Big Apple grime. The sound is brash, immediate, vital and sweetly infectious. Kevin K rock 'n' roll is hard to beat, and if you ain't discovered this cat already, here's your chance. Release date 2000

Kevin K - Magic Touch (VKR006)

Rick blaze & the ballbusters - manhattan babylon

Original press release: Packed full of his trademark Stones/Johnny Thunders influenced rock 'n' roll sound, Worcester's finest hit out with a bitchin' album of down & dirty blues ridden trash rock. Features Jeff Dahl on guest lead guitar and bonus live tracks. Killer. Release date 1999

Rick Blaze and the Ballbusters - Manhattan Babylon (VKR005)

photo courtesy Rough Trade

Nikki Sudden - red brocade

Original press release: An album to be experienced, not just listened to. Nikki Sudden is a gifted balladeer, a song writer, a rock 'n' roller - and 'Red Brocade' is his finest work to date. Allow yourself to be swept along by the story, and indulge yourself in it's enriching charms. Classic melodies flow from one song to the next with songs which defy classification. Recorded with various members of the Chamber Strings and other assorted Chicago luminaries. Features Wilco's Jeff Tweedy on guest vocals too. Superb Release date 1999

Nikki Sudden - Red Brocade (VKR004)

Toni Romeo, Kevin K, Ricky Rat         photo: Ward Boult

Kevin k band - midnight dragon

Original press release: Top heavy with muscled up guitar rock n roll, including the powerhouse rocker 'Midnight Dragon', another classic from this talented rocker who hails from the streets of NYC. Also included is a new version of the Road Vultures anthem 'Fire It Up', giving new life to a song up there with any New York Dolls classic. If you dig uncompromising rock n roll action, you will want this! Release date 1999

Kevin K Band - Midnight Dragon (VKR003)

Freddy Lynxx

freddy lynxx & the corner gang - have faith

Original press release: Freddy Lynxx is a gifted Parisian rock n roller in the Johnny Thunders mould with 'Have Faith' being his first foray into the Australian market. Three ballsy guitar rock tunes including the anthemic title track 'Have Faith', and the melodically rich 'Opium Den'(featuring Nikki Sudden). Lynxx's signature tough riffing, tearing lead guitar, street wise lyrics and gutsy vocals make him a standout in the rock world ! Release date 1999

Freddy Lynxx - Have Faith (VKR002)


Original press release: Prepare your sonic senses for Sheek The Shayk rock n' roll ! The debut 3 track EP from Sydney's notorious Sheek The Shayk is still available. All three tunes on this disc rock - and when we say rock - we mean in The Sonics, MC5, and Stooges mould. Dig the hybrid mix of tough 60's garage punk, the stomping surf vibe, and the lo-fi fuzzed out sonic fury. Features ex-members of Sydney's notorious Psychotic Turnbuckles. Release date 1999

Sheek The Shayk - I Want Her So Bad (VKR001)